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My name is Damon, proud veteran, previous kennel master, K9 behaviorist,  trainer and handler for/with the U.S Army, and currently registered Helper with the United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USCA). Thanks to my parents, I grew up with German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) and developed a lifelong love for the breed. 

Now, we have a small breeding program. We enjoy raising and training our dogs for participation in various dog sports and working dog activities, developing and maintaining an exceptional breeding program of working bloodline German Shepherds, and above all sharing most every aspect of our lives with these wonderful dogs.

We have been actively training and titling dogs, and while Schutzhund/IGP is our primary pursuit, we also participate in AKC Dog-sports, Rally, Obedience and Tracking. We value these activities as sports and breed tests for working GSDs, but most importantly as enjoyable and challenging hobbies to share with our dogs. We have trained and titled several dogs in several venues, and also have experience in the training of military K9 tracking, patrol work and drug detection, raising and imprinting young dogs to be placed into service with local Police agencies.

Unlike the majority of breeders, we personally raise, train and title our own dogs rather than importing them already titled or title-ready from overseas. We consider ourselves to be "hobby" breeders, so unlike many large commercial kennels we do not make a living off dogs. Our breeding program focuses on quality not quantity so we only plan on having a couple of litters a year. Our breeding dogs are titled and health screened, thus proving themselves of good health and structure, sound temperament and nerve, and strong working ability.  In addition, our breeding dogs are hip/elbow certified and health screened before beginning their breeding careers.

Our dam and sire were selected very carefully based on the positive impact they will have on our own bloodline and on the GSD breed as a whole. Our small, in-home kennel environment allows us to provide all of our puppies with a great deal of personal attention, socialization and early imprinting.

About Us!

DFW K9 provides assistance and education to owners who are pursing obedience training, behavior modification, competitive training and basic house-hold manners for their canine companions. 

DFW K9 knows every dog is unique and every problem has a solution! That's why we are here to help you better understand your dog's behaviors, what motivates them and how training will improve the functionality and happiness of your entire household. Our programs are presented in a efficient way so every dog can adapt to them, and we are flexible in modifying your dog's training to best fit your availability and lifestyle.

Our Mission!

At DFW K9 we believe in customer satisfaction, but we also know that is only possible with quality service. Your dog is part of your family and you shouldn't trust just anyone to train them. We promise you that we will treat your dog as though if he/she was our own. Your success is our success, and we are only satisfied when you are!

How Do We Do It?

We offer a variety of training, including but not limited to obedience,  off-leashtraining, puppy management, behavior modification and distraction training. We have a practical philosophy for each kind of situation and we will make sure to work on building/improving the fundamentals so that you and your dog will enjoy the results for life.

Why Us?

Our team of professional dog trainers is experienced, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about your dog's physical and mental health. 
DFW K9 will make sure you get the results you're paying for. With the help and hard work of our trainers will you achieve all of your dog training goals in a timely manner. 

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