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Now accepting deposit for our Zwei Litter - Born September 03 2019! 
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Our Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is to adapt positive reinforcement and behavior shaping techniques that work for each individual dog. This method is based on establishing and reinforcing solid fundamental behaviors the dog can later rely on as training advances. While others use the word "NO" to point out undesirable behaviors, we use it to teach the dog that hearing this word only means he/she is missing out on the fun!


Free Evaluation!

A training evaluation of your dog is free if you visit us. If you prefer, we can also travel to you for only $50.00. The evaluation allows us the opportunity to become familiar with the needs and training goals of both you and your dog. It also allows us to assess the dog's temperament and personality, and see how well they work with new people. We will also discuss your goals and expectations of the program. 

will Work to Modify/Teach the Following Behaviors

  • Recall/Come on Command
  • Basic Leash Heeling
  • Jumping on new People
  • Boundaries
  • Wait at the Door (optional)
  • Stay in Place on Command
  • Sit & Stay until Released
  • Digging/Scratching (optional)
  • Puppy Mouthing Management
  • Pulling on the Leash
  • Aggression Control
  • Crate Training (optional)
  • Off-Leash Training (optional)
  • Unwanted Barking (optional)
  • Stay away from furniture (optional)
  • Housebreaking/Potty Training (optional)
  • E-Collar Training/Introducing (optional) 
We are well aware that everyone's needs are unique. That's why our TWO-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN is designed to accommodate all your needs, in a convenient way. To work around your busy schedule, we offer a free pet pick-up and drop-off service, side-by-side with our unlimited follow-up for the life of your dog.

Upon graduation/finishing the first phase of the TWO-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN, your dog will sit, lay down, come when called, stay in place when instructed, and walk on a loose leash (no pulling).

Upon graduation/finishing the second phase of the TWO-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN, your dog will understand boundaries, walk Unleashed, wait at the door until told to go out and be E-Collar trained. 

We will include an appropriate E-Collar suited to your dog's size and temperament for FREE when you sign-up for phase 1 & 2 within 3 months!

We guarantee you and your dog will achieve remarkable results. Although it's not mandatory, your dog will most likely need to attend the second phase of the Two-Week Board & Train Program within six months to allow us adequate time to shape and re-enforce the new behaviors. It is a fact that learned behaviors are not as solid as those that are genetic; the dog is more likely to revert to his/her old behavior especially if he/she feels stressed. This is why we offer the second phase, which re-enforces what the dog has learned. 

Once your dog graduates our training, we shift our focus to you in order to teach/educate you on how to handle, keep reinforcing our methods and how to use the E-Collar correctly & effectively. This helps to maintain consistency for the dog and encourages successful adoption of the new, desired etiquette. We will also make sure you feel 110% in maintaining the training program at home. 

Planning on a Vacation?

Our TWO-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN makes going on a vacation even more fun! Fantasize about coming home from a nice vacation to meet your "new", well-behaved companion who will be dropped-off at your convenience. 

Schedule too Hectic to Train?

We hear you! That's why we developed our TWO-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN to accommodate your stressful work days so you can have more time to your family and to yourself. Come back home and enjoy having fun with your well-mannered dog.   


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*All  Potential Buyers must Complete the Puppy Application

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